We have built a strong team spanning many degrees/certifications and years of experience from start up to academic to Fortune 40.



Dr. Rodriguez’s dissertation was dedicated to this technology and he has the science expertise to lead efforts towards product development. With years of biomedical experience along with leadership experience with statewide community development programs, Isaac is the SweetBio CEO and Chief Science Officer responsible for the overall vision of the company as well as the lab and clinical research, publication, regulatory and product development segments of the business. Email and connect with Isaac. 

Kayla RODRIGUEZ Graff, mba - Co-founder, CoO

Kayla earned her MBA in 2014 from Hult International in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY. Her forward thinking business mindset is unique and her overall knowledge of business development, marketing, operations, organizational effectiveness, and front-­end web development in Fortune 40 experience made her a fit for the COO role. She responsible for operational efficiency, manufacturing, Quality and logistics. Email and connect with Kayla. 

kevin graff, CPA, MBA - co-founder, CFO

Kevin is a Certified Public Accountant with an MBA from Hult International Business School attained across three global business-leading cities: San Francisco, London, and Boston. Kevin is SweetBio's part-time CFO and is full time at FedEx in Corporate Development. Email and connect with Kevin.