SweetBio: Balancing Business and Biomedicine

SweetBio is ready to revolutionize healing with an innovative dental product for tissue and bone regeneration. The team is led by co-founders Dr. Isaac Rodriguez, Kayla Rodriguez, MBA, and Marsalas Whitaker. We recently talked to Isaac and Kayla to learn more about the dynamics of the biomedical startup scene and what it takes to succeed.

“You need to be a well-rounded individual. I was very involved throughout college, and that just taught me so much outside my discipline. So, coming in to sweet bio, being a scientist and engineer, I have those skills to talk to investors, to be a people person, or just be a scientist, depending on what’s needed. For me, when I talk with high school students, I always tell them to be involved in college. Don’t just take classes and go home. It’s been really rewarding for me to see that everything I’ve done outside my industry has translated to SweetBio.”