We revolutionize healing because the world deserves to smile. 


SweetBio, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, has developed a platform material composition which is used to create biodegradable medical devices that excel in the treatment of complex wounds. SweetBio’s products are counterintuitively comprised of Manuka honey, hydroxyapatite and a collagen derivative. While Manuka honey has been used for millennia as a topical treatment and hydroxyapatite is well known for bone regeneration, SweetBio has proven that these materials combined with a collagen derivative deliver a wound healing environment unlike any product on the market. SweetBio has successful manufactured products in multiple forms to treat complex wounds in dental, chronic ulcer and veterinary clinical applications. Since 2015, SweetBio has raised $2M to commercialize their patent pending platform technology. In December 2017, they submitted an FDA 510(k) application on their first product – Apis – a 2D resorbable barrier membrane for use in periodontal defects after tooth loss.

With decades of experience ranging from design, development, regulatory, manufacturing and commercialization of medical devices, SweetBio’s diverse and passionate executive team is uniquely equipped to propel SweetBio to the next phase and beyond

Their very thorough research and documentation, and the potential benefit of this guided tissue membrane to the dental profession, is phenomenal.
— Raymond Gist, DDS PC, Former president, American Dental Association

What We've Achieved

  • Over $1 million raised
  • ZeroTo510 Alum
  • Patent filing and license complete
  • 100's of hours of lab testing
  • Raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and sterilization vendors secured
  • Multiple prototype runs
  • Prototype feedback from clinicians 
  • TERMIS World Congress Presentation in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Delta Entrepreneurship Fellow
  • Emerging Medical Technologies presentation in San Francisco, California