A natural breakthrough in healing technology

There is something very personal that drives us to get our technology on the market as quickly as possible. We are healing the wounds of our loved ones. Specifically, our loved ones over the age of 65. They are our grandparents, our parents, and inevitably, all of us. The need for better and more affordable healing of wounds like ulcers and tooth loss is not only urgent, its growing as 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. Bringing our products to the market will improve the quality of life of millions across the nation and that fuels us every day.

We have bioengineered a new, platform material that will revolutionize patient care across multiple markets. SweetBio is a commercial-ready, medical device company with novel, honey-incorporated wound care products (FDA cleared May 2019).


SweetBio, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, has discovered a new way to leverage honey to advance the way our loved ones heal. Our platform technology provides next-generation healing across multiple industries. While collagen scaffolds and Manuka honey have been proven extensively individually as premier wound healing biomaterials, we are the first to demonstrate the exponential healing potential of these materials combined. Our first product, Apis, is a honey-incorporated resorbable membrane that combines the benefits of multiple products into the convenience and affordability of one. The first application of Apis is in wound care treatments and dentistry.

SweetBio is a proud graduate of the top medical device accelerator in the country, ZeroTo510. We are also graduates of LaunchTN’s The TENN master accelerator and finalists in Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest Pitch Competition. We have raised $2M to date which has allowed us to validate the safety and effectiveness of our technology, establish full scale, FDA-compliant manufacturing and demonstrate market demand and strategic interest across our industries.

Their very thorough research and documentation, and the potential benefit of this guided tissue membrane to the dental profession, is phenomenal.
— Raymond Gist, DDS PC, Former president, American Dental Association